Bad Bad News

The Start of 2021

January 18, 2021 Samira Fatehyar Season 2 Episode 1
Bad Bad News
The Start of 2021
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I know it’s already been a rollercoaster of the first couple of weeks of the new year. I know everyone is talking about the Capital Riots that took place on January 6th and the 2nd impeachment of President Trump. 2 unprecedented events in a matter of a week. I’ve been wondering if there truly is a way to find unity, again. I hope we do, because I know we are stronger, together. Covid and its impacts will most likely be our new normal for a few years. Unfortunately, or fortunately, my fellow Americans, we are not alone in this disarray of our current political and economic climate. All across the world, there are many countries facing similar things. As you know in this blog, I have a segment dedicated to Europe and as such we will be exploring Europe and how they are faring in the first few weeks of the New Year as well. 

There’s been quite a lot of economic news to sift through in the last few weeks and I want to touch on as many as I can. I’ve received countless questions about the unemployment report that came out, so I will discuss that. But I also want to spend a bit of time talking about the current state of our market in the US while also reviewing major asset classes that have ballooned over the past year. I’ve seen many forecasts for the year ahead and want to share some of them with you. Lastly, I will talk about some interesting real estate trends in Europe. 

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